How to create the perfect flat-lay

A Flat-lay is a “top down” (aerial) shot of a styled scene.


It's always beautiful to have a nice contrast, select the backdrop of your choice and set is down on a hard surface. If you require to use the backdrop straight out of the tube, use Blu Tack, and press down the corners. Otherwise place a heavy item/ book down on the backdrop for a good 10-15 minutes before shooting. 


Understand the story you want to tell, choose props/ products that can tell a story together. Ensure you have items varying in size and shape, and try sticking to one colour palette. Arrange the products on the backdrop, here you should think about the size of the image and where it will go once you have taken the photo. Keeping things simple especially when using a textured background is always a good idea. You should have a focal point, the item you want to stand out and then you style around it. 


Find a space that has lots of natural lighting! Or take your Flat-lay backdrop outside to shoot! Lighting is always key when it comes to taking the perfect snap for social. Make sure you hold your camera completely parallel to the floor. With an overhead shot you may not want your camera on an angle (unless you do). This could take some time to perfect! 

(Not all of us are amazing photographers- if you are please disregard this entire section haha)